• Save The Food,Water And Environment For Humanity

  • Save The Food,Water And Environment For Humanity

  • Save The Food,Water And Environment For Humanity

Aims and Objectives

  • To mainstream Environment, Food, Technology, Policy and Law.
  • To inculcate and disseminate food and environmental awareness and to work for protection and preservation of food and environment and benefit of making judicious and purposeful use of natural resources all over India and abroad particularly those natural resources which provide food, nutrition and Food Security to the mankind.
  • To conduct education and training programs to build capacities of those who affect and are affected by the laws and policy on natural resources development.
  • To provide farmers and other people connected with agriculture and other allied areas the latest knowledge on technology and research in the fields of Food, Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Dairy.
  • To support, organize or sponsor the workshops, conferences, seminars, and other meetings for providing forums where free and fair exchange of ideas on food, environment and technology development.
  • To create awareness amongst people in general and those residing in rural regions in particular towards problem connected directly or indirectly with environment, ecology and food through appeals, posters, plays, slides, films, videos, exhibitions, literatures, all other media and any other suitable means.
  • To educate members of the Society and others on various issues related to the basic democratic rights of citizens on food, nutrition and healthy environment.
  • To educate the people and organize various kinds of awareness programmes/activities regarding consumer protection Laws and rights of the public in this connection.
  • To arrange and organize exhibitions, training and research programs on the subjects relating to the people belonging to the rural areas and tribal areas of the India and also start different integrated village development programs all over India.
  • To make best efforts for conservation and preservation of food, water, resources, electricity and other natural resources.
  • To conduct training and research programs for pollution control (in water, air, soil, earth, atmosphere), polluted diseases and to maintain/develop and also protect the herb’s forests, environment, species of the animals, birds, wild life; contamination of food and other natural gifts helping to so support the preservation of environment.
  • To educate and provide training to the students, candidates, general public about rapidly increasing harmful environment purely, preparation for plantation of trees and plants and to organize camps, seminars, films shows for food and environmental protection and to establish environment preservation and pollution control centers to restrain the spread pollution.
  • To do generally all such other acts, deeds, things and activities, which are fit and proper for pollution control and protection of environment as well as contamination of foods.
  • To collect information, notices, notifications, policies from government, semi government, national/international agencies and N.G.Os. And also provide the same to members of society and general public.
  • To organize seminars, symposia, meetings, press-conferences and other lawful gatherings from time to time relating mankind welfare.
  • To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to the members of the society and relating to the general public.
  • To start, establish, run, take over or manage and maintain the schools, with the object to provide sound nursery, pre primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary and higher education
  • To establish, run, maintain and grant aid in cash or kinds to advance technical education colleges including engineering & diploma colleges, management education institutes, computer science & engineering institutes & specialized studies & research institutes to provide, standard and high class education for B.E./B Tech/B. Arc/MBA courses and other related courses to the students according to rules and regulation of all India council for technical education and state government.
  • To establish, run, maintain, manage and control the various school/colleges/training institutions/courses.
  • To do such other things/acts/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the object of the Society.
  • To receive financial and non-financial assistance from Government or Non-Government organization, international agencies, banks and any other legal entity or individual.
  • To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts, loan, and other offerings in the shape of moveable and/or immovable properties for the attainment of the aims and objects of the society.
  • To purchase/acquire the land/or the building in the name of the society for the upliftment and fulfillment of the aims and objects of the society.
  • To erect, construct, alter, maintain, sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, improve, develop, manage and control all or any part of the property or the buildings of the above society, necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the aims and objects of the society.
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